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Scramble hunter is the newest golf resource to search for, or promote golf scrambles in your area. Scramble Hunter was created to make finding and promoting scrambles easier. Play golf the fun way, and find a scramble to play in today.

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Scramble Hunter

Scramble Hunter started in 2015 by four golfers with an idea. Two of them were former college golfers, and the others were hackers who just liked to play for fun. They had the most fun when they would play together in local scrambles. What is better than supporting a local charity, playing golf, winning some prizes, with dinner included, all while drinking a couple of pops? The answer is nothing. The problem is it was hard to find a scramble when searching online. You would find some here and there, or you would see a flyer up at your local course, but there wasn’t a one stop shop to find a scramble to support.

And so they created Scramble Hunter. Our goal was twofold. Make finding scrambles easier. And help people who organize scrambles find people to support their event.  Over the years, we have played in scrambles that raised money for loved ones who have passed, numerous charities, universities, and local organizations. Scrambles are the best way to have fun while playing golf.

  • Create your own scrambles to promote to golfers in your area.
  • Find a scramble to play in at a course near you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to centralize golf events in one website so local golfers can play golf with their friends in events that benefit the communities in which they support.

Our Vision

Our vision is to increase the popularity of playing golf by making the process to find or promote a scramble easy and affordable. We hope that our site will make it easier for charities and individuals to find people to support their causes and increase the success of these events. These events have helped millions of people around the world and we just want to do our part to make sure these events have the best opportunity for success.

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