How to make your scramble even better?

Golf scrambles are already a lot of fun. However, when it comes to having a good time, there can’t be such a thing as too much. This article will be discussing the various ways of playing golf the fun way, only better! Applicable to 4-man scrambles as well  as 2-man  scrambles.


Businesses or organisations may show an interest in helping or sponsoring your golf scramble event. All you need to do is show them that the participants will be from a desirable demographic. If the purpose of your golf scramble is to raise money for charity or even a number of charities, many corporations might be interested as businesses tend to gain goodwill when they sponsor charitable events. Companies tend to sponsor the entire golf scramble event. However, businesses are not left out of the participation. Businesses may choose to sponsor individual holes or specialised on-course contests.

An insurance company might also sponsor Hole in one shots. CGA Hole-in-One & Promotions enhances golf events by supplying extra prizes and signs.


You may find partners such as BackSwing Golf Events who will organise various on course contest designed to make the even memorable one for all your clients. A popular example is “Beat the Pro” where your scramble will attempt to hit it closer than some lady professionals on a par three.

Backswing golf events have other contests including Big Breakers, as well as some other games that are sure to make your golf scramble event an unforgettable experience for your clients.

You can sell some extra entries into these contests before the game. The contests can be held during, before or after the game. This will help raise more funds for the main objective of your golf scramble while ensuring that everyone has a great time on the golf courses.

Raffles and Auctions

After the scramble tournament has been concluded, you could allow participants to buy raffle tickets to win prizes . that way, even if their team does not win the tournament, they still get to go home with a prize. An auction is also a great way to raise more funds for charity. You could save the most sought after prize for the auction the participants will enjoy bidding for the prize after an exhilarating game. This can also be done with a raffle as well. Where tickets qualify participants for a chance to win the grand prize.

Involving Celebrity

This method is more suited to Local charity golf events than any other golf scramble event. Try to get one or local celebrities to participate in the event. They will help drive up attendance and also generate extra revenue by sitting at a VIP table. Of course, tickets for the VIP table costs more. Celebrities’ autographs can also be sold either directly or for tickets. Pictures can also be taken with celebrities for a fee.

Use a golf Cannon

A new fun way to play golf. You don’t need to have a great swing. Simply aim and fire! This brings a new dynamic to the golf outing. With a range of 350 yards, pros as well as amateurs will have a level range, the only deciding factor will be the accuracy which may not lie with the pro. Not to mention the thrill of firing a huge cannon far into the range.


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