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Who should go first in a scramble: Bad golfer or good golfer?

Golf scrambles are played off the strengths of each player in a team. However, a sound strategy will help optimize the strengths of the team while preventing any handicaps from slipping through b the cracks.

Even when playing golf with friends, it is not a clear-cut rule in a golf scramble which player should go first all the time. Different shots require different strategies as the game  progresses. At the beginning of the golf event, the weaker players can go first, however, as the game progresses, the dynamics shift and in some cases, playing the weaker players will not be a good decision. In some cases even, it doesn’t matter who goes first since shots are going to be aggressive. (See gimme shots below.) Whether you are a 4-man scramble or 2-man scramble, the following strategies are solid and proven.

Recommended strategies for a golf scramble.

  • Drives and Approach Shots

It is advisable for the weaker players to take their shot first. The long hitters should then take their shots after the weak, the most consistent players should hit last.

On the second shot, play the golfer whose drive was selected first. Since their morale would be really high after the first shot. Also it helps to get some consistency on the shot and to give the remaining players a standard to play to.

Golfers have varying abilities in driver shots and in shots, the scramble team should consider this when playing. It is often better to put the weaker players in front and the most consistent players can go last.

When playing on a par-5, regardless of skill, play the short hitters first. This will allow big bombers go last so that they can aim for the green in two.

  • Short-game Shots and Putting the Green

The only occasion on which you should select a ball that landed in a bunker is if the whole team hit into bunkers. Otherwise, avoid this no matter what.

Remember, distance is not the only factor for making the hole. Hence, factor in all other variables like angles, pin position, hazards and so on. You will find in some cases that the shortest shot was not the best shot to choose.

The same goes for putt shots. Ensure that your best putter plays first, this will help inspire the remaining players to try to imitate the same putter shot.

Once you select a ball in gimme range, the whole team should try to be aggressive . it is better to hit it past the hole rather than fall short. This will give the ball a chance at the hole in the next shot if no one on the team makes the hole. In this case, it doesn’t really matter who goes first. Let every golfer in the scramble hit aggressive shots.

Now that you know the best strategies when playing in a golf scramble, go ahead and make reservations to play local charity golf events close to you. Play golf the fun way while helping a charity of your choice.


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