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Why golf scrambles are great for fundraising for charities

Golf scrambles are a great  way to enjoy time on the golf course with fellow  golfers  in a fast-paced,  fun-filled and exhilarating tournament.

Golf scrambles allow players of  all skill levels to compete at the same tournament with every golfer having an equal chance at making a  contribution to the overall result of the game.

Golf scrambles are easy to  organise.  It can even be done online, simply click here . Finding a local golf course  willing to accommodate the golf outing for a day is going to be easy since it’s  for a local  charity event and people often want to do what they can to help.

Players can be placed in Golf scrambles by careful arrangement or drawn at random to make things even more interesting. either 2-man scrambles or 4-man scrambles, depending on how the tournament was organised.

There are  so many avenues to raise money  from in a golf scramble. To begin with, entry into the tournament  will cost a small entry fee, the total of which will  go towards achieving the set goal. An additional way to raise money is by selling raffle  tickets for spectators  and contestants alike to  win a price.  The price should be something of value but not necessarily pricey. It could be something of sentimental value, peculiar  to the tournament or the demographic of the spectators.

The sale of souvenirs such as pictures and memorabilia  from the event could also draw in some  cash.

Overall, the golf tournament or event that involves a golf scramble is bound to be a memorable one for everyone involved, from the organisers, to the  participants as well as the spectators. Everyone will leave the golf course with a sense of fulfilment.

The participants are in for some  fun times on the course, not burdened with the pressure of putting in a peak  performance. They just need to enjoy the game as well as socialise with other  golfers in the golf scramble. The participants can also be thrilled by the spectacle of golf the way it was meant to be played. In some  cases golf scrambles  also features  golfing pros  as well as local celebrities.

Everyone involved will experience a sense of fulfilment  brought about by the thought of making a  difference in the lives of others while enjoying the serenity  of the golf course as well as the spectacle of golfing excellence.

In some cases a participant might make a hole in one and win a prize. This  spectacle also  adds to the allure of golf scrambles.

Play golf the fun way, make a difference in the  lives of others. With charitable golf scrambles, playing golf with friends help others achieve their goals and enjoy the majesty of the great outdoors  as well  as the serenity of the golf course there are so many reasons to  choose  a golf scramble for your next golf event  or fundraiser.


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