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Giving your Golf Outing a Leaderboard by Creating Full Visibility Into All Scorecards

A Golf Outing with No Leaderboard is No Fun.


What is the Outings mobile app?

The Outings mobile app for apple and android is the mobile leaderboard for your golf outing of any size. Whether it’s a fundraising event, a few friends out on a Saturday, or even a tournament or league, we provide the most reliable leaderboard for your event.

Have you ever played with a group larger than 4 and wondered how you or your team’s score compared to the groups in front of or behind you? The Outings app provides all players with full visibility into every scorecard, fueling fun and serious competition! We work with golf clubs all over the world to provide the most accurate and up-to-date scorecard for your outing.

We have your course's scorecard!

We have the scorecard for 99% of the U.S. golf courses.

Tournament style leaderboard

to keep all players and teams “in the know” of who is at the top, who is making a Tiger-like run, and who is clearly just there to have some fun and maybe enjoy some beverages!

Broadcast videos

of big shots that affect the leaderboard, creating a fun atmosphere for your event! If you’d like, even upload a logo to show in the broadcast!

For fundraising purposes

you have the option to use our “Fundraising Option” to raise additional dollars for your event! Things like closest to the pin, longest drive, and other fund pledges.

For any golfer

use the “My Bag” feature to store notes and information about your clubs to always know just how far you hit a specific club. This allows you to always know which club to hit in any situation.


Store all your scorecards in one place!


Any time you use the Outings app, your statistics will be stored for you, so you know your golf stats over the week, month, year and all-time, giving you visibility into areas for improvement!

A live leaderboard adds a new level of

fun and engagement

to your event!

Having a live leaderboard should be promoted at your event as it will increase registration!

Download & get started today!

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