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Free Resources

for Golf Events

Free resources

Charity Golf America
$25,000 hole in one challenge at no charge and make money for your charity.
* Only available in North Carolina
Proud 90
Golf is supposed to be fun. That’s where Proud 90 comes in. We’re here to remind you and everyone you play with that, first and foremost, you’re out there to have a good time. How?
Promo Sports - Par 3 Challenge
Promo Sports offers a competitive Par3 hole-in-one challenge to golf outings, tournaments, scrambles, courses, and organizations nationwide. Our staff puts together a made to fit game to achieve maximum results.
Charity Golf International
The mission of Charity Golf International is to help bring entertainment to charity golf events across North America while helping non-profits raise more revenue at their events; all with ZERO risk or out-of-pocket costs!

Paid Resources

for Golf Events

Paid resources

Voraus Golf
Creating innovative golf apparel and equipment. Experience the difference using a modern golf glove that works with your phone. No more taking off that glove to answer those texts, or take a call.
The most advanced LIVE SCORING service in the market. Complete LIVE SCORING for your golf tournament.
* Only available in Houston, TX and Phoenix, Arizona
CGA Hole-In-One & Promotions
CGA provides hole-in-one insurance for contests and unique promotional concepts for the following types of promotions: hole-in-one insurance, sports contests, direct mail, weather, traffic builders and much more.

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