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Best gambling games while playing golf

Golf has a special advantage of being a dynamic game. It can be enjoyed alone or as part of a scramble. Golf can even be enjoyed between friends as a pass time without anyone bothering about the score. However, if you seek to add a little edge to the competitiveness of the game, you might choose to “make things interesting” by introducing some gambling into the golf event.

Gambling games in a local charity golf event will ensure all participants play golf the fun way. Here are the best gambling games to spice your golfing game especially while playing golf with friends.

The Nassau

Involving three separate bets played over the front nine, back nine as well as the full 18 holes. A $2 Nassau may sometimes be referred to as a 2-2-2. The Nassau system is applicable to all scoring systems, however many golfers prefer to use the match format. You can apply handicaps while playing each hole the normal way. Winning hole scores you a point.


One of the most flexible gambling games in golf, skins can be played by individuals as well as teams and even the entire participants of a golf outing. A dollar value is assigned to each hole. This value may remain consistent for all holes or progressively increased. The general format is usually match play, won by the player or golf scramble with the lowest point. It can be played in both 2-man scrambles and 4-man scrambles.


Vegas is Played by combining the scores of team members but with a twist. If both players score 3 in a team, the total score, rather than being 6 will be 33. If a player scores 5 while the other scores 3, the score will be 53 and so on. This system allows some interesting margins between teams. For instance, despite a margin of 2 in the above example, the margin will be 20! If a player scores a double digit point. 10 for instance, the placement is reversed. 103 instead of 310. This will help reign in the range of losses as the game is played at a dollar a point.


Despite its lack of popularity, this game is a great way to gamble on the golf course. It involves four players taking turns to be the wolf for a hole. The wolf hits their tee shot last. This order of playing is maintained throughout the round. The wolf can capture 4 points if they decide to play as a lone wolf. However, if the wolf plays with a partner, they will both earn two points.

If the wolf loses the round either as a lone wolf or with a partner, the other team gets three points each. If any player beats a lone wolf, each player is awarded a point but the lone wolf. The outcome of the game is then gambled on.

Next time you are on the golf course with friends in a golf scramble, you might indulge I any of these games. Other great gambling golf games worth mentioning include;

  • Sixes
  • Bingo Bango Bongo
  • Rabbit
  • Nines
  • Badges or animals


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